Vampires, video games, racial capitalism – education in 2017

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University of Iowa

It’s no secret that colleges and universities in America lean decidedly to the left politically, but a new report from Young America’s Foundation provides detailed evidence that would invoke laughter if the consequences weren’t so serious.

The report, “Comedy & Tragedy: College Course Descriptions and What They Tell Us About Higher Education Today,” shows American universities have become thinly veiled vehicles for organizing left-wing students, using the concept of “intersectionality” to push a far-left political agenda and resentment of whites, Christians and heterosexuals a weapon.

YAF explains intersectionality is “a new wave of identity politics infecting higher education, playing directly into the hands of leftist administrators, professors, and students seeking to reach a new low in their victim olympics.”

“The result is a disregard for personal responsibility or individual freedom. Instead, students are coddled and treated as a victim in need of special accommodation in order to cope with a

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