‘Utterly outrageous’: Belgian Catholic care group denounced by Church over euthanasia plans

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Demonstrators protesting a decision in Belgium that authorises euthanasia for children.Reuters

A furious row has broken out within the Catholic Church over the Belgian Brothers of Charity, who are refusing to comply with a Vatican order to stop providing euthanasia for the people it cares for.

The UK-based Catholic priest Alexander Lucie-Smith has described the behaviour of the Brothers as ‘utterly outrageous,’ and pointed out the crucial fact that the order is lay-run.

In a statement released in Flemish, French and English, the organisation said it ‘continues to stand by its vision statement on euthanasia for mental suffering in a non-terminal situation’ and goes on to make the incendiary claim that it ‘is still consistent with the doctrine of the Catholic Church. We emphatically believe so.’

‘This claim is utterly outrageous,’ wrote Lucie-Smith in a blog for the Catholic Herald. ‘The Catholic Church teaches and has always taught that one cannot secure

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