US welcomes fewer refugees – but more Christians than Muslims

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More Christian refugees are arriving in the US than any other religious group, the latest research confirms, as the overall number being welcomed to America falls despite rapidly growing need.

The number of displaced people hit a high of 17.2million in 2016, rivalling the early 1990s after the Berlin Wall’s collapse. But this came as the US failed to expand its intake of refugees to meet global need, analysis published by the Washington-based Pew Research Center today found.

Refugee numbers from Myanmar, such Amina Khatun, a 30 year old Rohingya, have rapidly increased and between 2002 and 2017, 55 per cent of refugees entering the US came from Myanmar, Iraq, Somalia or Bhutan.Reuters

Although fears were raised at the end of Barack Obama’s presidency about the high numbers of Muslim refugees entering the US, the research confirms that Christianity is the most common religion among those arriving and Islam the

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