Unbelievable Secrets of The President’s Limo

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When the president isn’t flying around in air force one, he’s usually getting around on the ground in one of his armored-bulletproof limousines. It could survive driving through a warzone and it has various capabilities that make it assassination proof. From smoke screens used to confuse attackers, to what they might be keeping in the trunk, here are unbelievable secrets of the Presidents limo

20. Blank check
Imagine your company having basically a blank check to create the most secure passenger vehicle on the face of the planet for one of the most influential man alive at the moment. It takes an immense amount of research, trial and error and the intellectual know how to put it together. If something bad happens, the blood is on your hands. The government is willing to spend an unlimited amount of money on the proper vehicle to get. The company General motors was given the contract for the new limo receiving nearly 16 million dollars for the work. What they’ve created is the most secure car in the world. Each model costs more than 1.5 million dollars

19. Dimensions
Each model weighs 7 Tons and measures about 18 feet or 6 meters in length. To put that into perspective, a normal limo weighs about 2 tons and might cost 50,000 dollars. So you can tell this thing has made some upgrades in the armor category. The doors are rumored to be as heavy as doors found on airplanes and are impossible to open from the inside, making it essential cut off from the outside world. The president can choose whether he wants to use tinted windows or not in case he needs some private time with the first lady. The interior seems pretty cosy and everything is on board for a fun road trip.

18. 5 layers of glass
Imagine your windows being able to turn bullets that our aimed at our president fired from automatic rifles into dust? That’s what the windows of the beast can do for its country, what can you do… The president’s windows are comprised of 5 layers of glass and measure at a thickness of about 5 inches. The glass is extremely heavy and requires multiple people at a time. The rear window is said to weigh at least 60 pounds on its own and can stop rounds from Ak-47s and M16, battle ready weapons, making bullets turn into dust by the time it reachest the 2nd layer of glass. Between each layer of glass, there are slivers of polycarbonate, which is a very strong plastic material

17. Ballistics testing
In order to make sure the windows are bulletproof, various experiments are conducted which seem to show that the bullet will penetrate the first layer of glass but once it reaches the polycarbonate, a round from an AK will basically disintegrate and a majority of the fragments will be trapped in the 2nd layer of protection. Unbreakable windows will certainly help the president avoid a sticky situation but they’re not unbreakable.

16. 50 shots
The windows can survive about 50 rounds from the same rifle before it eventually breaks. That would require a gun that has a very high firing rate and an extremely accurate shooter who can hit a moving target. It seems very unlikely that this will ever happen. To top it off, they would then have to try to hit the president inside the limo and not the heavily armored frame of the car, but we’ll get more into the later

15. Car crash Gerald Ford
Imagine just driving along one day, doing your thing and out of nowhere, the president of the united states crashes his limo into you. You better hope you got insurance! That was the case in october of 1975, when a man named james salamites left home to pick up his brother from work while in Hartford, Connecticut. That kinda seems like a random city for the beast to be at the time. In any case, James crashed into him with his 1972 buick le sabre and a strange spiral of misfortune seemed to happen afterwards. First, he was thouroughly interrogated as if he did it on purpose and he ended up in the newspaper as some maniac. Not too long after, he claims he was framed for drug possession and his car was never repaired after being struck by the heavily armored limousine. The drug possession charge was dismissed but it tarnished his rep with his family and friends

American Eye

American Eye

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