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From mysterious rooms inside where important decisions are being made, to the way they dispose of important classified documents, here are 13 secrets about the pentagon.

13. Hacking the Pentagon
You would assume that the pentagon would be one the more secure buildings in the world but cyber hackers have consistently found errors, some being as young as high schoolers! A guy named David Dworken took on the challenge of hacking the pentagon in a hacking competition to see what they were doing wrong. He found 138 total ways that public websites could allow malicious attacks, putting very sensitive information on the line! It seemed like kind of a strange competition but the pentagon needed hackers to get into their systems in order to tell them what was wrong with their security software. David might have found out some secrets that he’s not telling everyone but he’s not the only hacker to easily get past the obstacles. Russia has also been accused of seizing the email system used by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which is used by roughly 3,500 military officers and civilians

12. Construction Begins
Would it come as a huge coincidence that construction on the pentagon began on September the 11th 1941 and exactly 60 years later, it’s hit by a plane? What an anniversary present. Many believed the 5 sides of the pentagon are said to represent the five branches of the US Military: The Army, the Navy, the Marines, The Air Force and the coast guard. But the real reason, it was built in a pentagon shape, seems to have more to do with the shape of the plot of land it was being built on. What’s also interesting about the construction of the Pentagon is that it was being built right before the pearl harbor attacks, as if the US was expecting a global conflict. Offices for the different branches were all scattered throughout Washington DC which made communication more complicated, so one large building was decided on which would be 5 sided. The total cost of the pentagon cost 83 million dollars and it was in operation only 16 months later.You have to wonder a little bit though why they decided to have the pentagon pointing to the south which would make it point downwards. We all know how upside down pentagrams are often used as a symbol of evil

11. How Big Is It
America wants to be the biggest dog on the block and the pentagon acts as the headquarters for just about every crucial military decision made by the US. This massive fortress contains 7 floors, takes up 583 acres and only rises 71 feet tall. Being tall isn’t exactly it’s specialty but it would be pretty tall if you flipped it sideways. You can tell how big it is by taking a look at this diagram, which shows the width compared to the height of the empire state building. Each side of the building is 921 feet long or 281 meters long. There are more than 17 corridors and it has a 5 acre central plaza which we’ll talk more about later. A lap around the outside of the building is about a mile, so if you walk fast enough, you can probably get anywhere in this building in 20 minutes or less. It definitely seems like it’s the largest non skyscraper office building in the world. Some have even used roller skates to get around.

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