UNBELIEVABLE Facts About Snakes

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From the truth behind their hypnotizing stare to what can make them actually explode naturally, here are unbelievable facts about snakes.

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5. Titanoboa
If you don’t like snakes you certainly wouldn’t like coming across a titanoboa. Luckily for us these are extict now, but these were the largest species of snake that ever existed. These mega snakes lived 60-58 million years ago and hold the record for the longest snakes in the existence of earth. These measure nearly 40 feet long and would have weighed 2500 pounds! These creatures were able to thrive in tropical climates when Earth’s temperature was slightly warmer, causing more rainforests around the globe during the cretaceous period, which took place from 145.5 million years ago to 65.5 million years ago. It could hunt like an alligator but looked similar to a boa constrictor. But it could squeeze the body of unlucky animals until they suffocated, if it chose to. Smaller animals could have just been consumed with one bite. They would have been the same color of a rusting car and would have blended in perfectly with the murky waters

4. King Cobra

This guy isn’t called the King for nothing. This carnivore is the longest venomous snake and a full grown King Cobra can stand up and look a 6 foot human in the eye and reach a total length of 18 feet of 5.5 meters . When they a feel a threat is close by, they flare up their hood and give off a gut wrenching hiss. This would make any normal person run for their life. They also have one of the most powerful bites of any snake. Although their venom is not extremely powerful, they are able to administer an extremely large amount of it, 20 times more than the lethal amount. Thankfully for use, king cobras usually tend to avoid conflict with humans as much as possible but when cornered, they become extremely agitated and strike almost immediately. They mainly tend to stay in forests and plains of India and China and depending on their habitat, their colors can vary. When hungry they’ll go for small mammals or other reptiles. New researchers are beginning to use these large snakes venom as some type of arthritis medication. They’re also the prefered snake of the snake charmers and are actually attracted to the flute itself and not the music being played.

3. Snake Island
Man is capable of establishing cities or colonies in some unbelievable places but sometimes mother nature just simply won’t allow it or makes it extremely difficult. Although man is unable to inhabit this island, other creepy slithering creatures thrive here. Just east of the city of Sao Paulo, lies an island crawling with snakes that will have no problem with biting anyone who comes here. This place contains venomous serpents, whose toxins can literally melt human flesh. Someone tried to operate a lighthouse on this island, and story goes, that handfuls of snakes came crawling through the windows. As he tried to escape, he was bit by more snakes that fell from the trees and he couldn’t make it to the boat. The smithsonian stated that the snake’s venom here is 3-5 times stronger than on the mainland of Brazil and Brazil has some scary snakes!

2. Garter Snake

The Garter snake mating ritual is so fancy, that the proper term for it actually is the Mating Ball. Incredible numbers of snakes chase after one single female or queen of the ball, you could say. The female releases a pheromone when she’s ready to mate and snakes from all over the forest come to see if they can get a little action. Hundreds of snakes piled up on top of each other create a mind boggling image and probably somewhere you don’t want to be if you’re afraid of snakes. It’s like an extreme version of the bachelorette! Only one lucky snake will get the chance to have eggs with her and it appears as though a battle royal is taking place to be her one and only suitor.

1. Getting Too Full
Have you ever gone to a buffet and order wanted to sample just a little bit of everything? Before you know it, you’re extremely full to the point where you’re going to explode. Although we could never really imagine that happening to us, it can happen to snakes. This has been seen quite often when massive pythons try to eat another large reptile such as a crocodile. When a python cannot properly digest a big meal, various gases can build up such as methane, which can cause an explosion! Although they might be really hungry, snakes need to watch their limits.

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