Unbelievable Artifacts and Discoveries in Mexico

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Whether it’s priceless artifacts or legendary creatures Here are unbelievable artifacts and discoveries in Mexico!

12. Creature of Metepec Mexico
This creature found by a Mexican farmer was discovered in a trap he had set earlier. I’m not sure if a monster from out of this world was what he was searching for. The farmer said that the creature was still alive when he found it and it was extremely hostile. It’s only 5 inches long and completely hairless and it’s eyes are the shape of almonds. After testing the DNA, it seemed to have human or primate genetics as well as some that were unrecognizable. No wonder Trump wants to build a wall. I don’t want this alien in my country either! Although skeptics believe it’s a hoax, it makes you wonder if they would actually release info of a true alien.

11. Dresden Codex
One of the oldest books that survived the conquest of America, the Dresden codex contains 78 pages each of which are highly decorated with depictions of the mayan civilizations.It’s currently being held in Dresden at a museum and even received some damage during the 1940’s. The book is highly detailed and when unfolded it, stretches 12 feet in length. Written by the mysterious mayan people, in 12th to 14th century similar hieroglyphs can be found at the temple of Chichen Itza in Mexico but much of what it really says still remains a mystery. Many European scholars say it shows how their details on their calendar works and is related to the celestial bodies. Various lords and wealthy aristocrats have privately owned the dresden codex during 18th century. There are also various displays of powerful mayan gods such as the rain god chaac, who is seen 134 times. Since much of it has been badly water damaged, may never know the true full extent of it’s secrets.

10. Inside the Temple of Doom
The largest and most impressive pyramid at this site is the temple of the Feathered Serpent God. This is the real temple of doom folks. It’s believed that this pyramid was home to hundreds of thousands of human sacrifices to the serpent god known as Quetzalcoatl. More than 200 sacrificial burials were found at the pyramid as well as necklaces made of teeth. Since many were men found with weapons, they believed that they were soldiers who went thcrough with the gruesome sacrificial process. In November 2014 large amounts of mercury was discovered as well as jade statues, jaguar skeletons, shells, and some of the first rubber balls. The building is decorated with carvings of the serpent god along the exterior as you can see in this photo.

9. Giant Olmec Heads
There’s many strange ancient statues all across the world which are often open to interpretation since the sculptor never left a description.This is the case with the massive stone heads from the ancient olmec civilization. These are some of the most debated archaeological artifacts in history. On average, the olmec stone heads weigh up to 8 tons each in weight of what many to believe to be that of former Olmec rulers. The mesoamerican civilization dates back from 1200 to 400 BC and they’re mostly known for the mysterious statues they left behind. One question you have to ask yourself however, why is it always the head they find and never the body. These heads are also often found wearing a leather helmet which would have been worn during battle and ancient ball games. The massive heads show evidence that they were commonly moved around for ritualistic purposes and represented power of their kingdom. Others believe they were buried rather quickly after they were made as some type of sacrifice or an offering to their

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