U.S. Military Will Cost About $6 Trillion* Over Next Decade, Says CBO

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Glowimages Glow Images/NewscomAmerican taxpayers will send approximately $6 trillion to the Pentagon over the next decade, as military costs are projected to hit levels 20 percent higher than their Cold War peak, the Congressional Budget Office says in a new analysis.

That doesn’t include the cost of so-called “overseas contingency operations,” military slang for the billions of spent off-budget every year to fight the never-ending and open-ended War on Terror.

The current federal budget calls for $575 billion to fund the U.S. military, with another $65 billion in OCO costs. The Trump administration’s goals for the military—which included a $54 billion boost in Pentagon spending this year—will result in “steady increases” in annual base budgets for the next decade, with non-war-costs hitting $688 billion by 2027, according to the CBO.

Three policies will drive the military budget higher, the CBO analysis says. An increase in the number of military personnel,

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