Twin Peaks: The stunning TV show about evil, darkness and cherry pie returns after 25 years…

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‘That gum that you like is going to come back in style.’ For the uninitiated, an unremarkable sentence. For fans of Twin Peaks, this line alone is enough to prompt unbridled excitement. When David Lynch tweeted it a couple of years ago, fans finally had confirmation that their favourite TV show was coming back, 25 years after it had been cancelled.

Sometimes, TV reviewers are prone to hyperbole. How many now think of Lost as the best TV show of its generation? Does anyone really think Frasier was better than Cheers? And so on…

Every now and then, though, the hype matches up to the real thing. In 1990, hype wouldn’t accurately describe the feverish speculation that surrounded Twin Peaks. All-out mania for the TV show descended after the brilliant first series.

Although the show’s popularity could never last – especially when a key plot point was resolved midway

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