Trump vs. Weigel—Shudder, Giggle, or Both?: Podcast

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At some point, a person becomes numb to weird headlines emanating from this White House, but boy, does this one just scream out “2017”: “Trump calls for the Washington Post to fire Dave Weigel.” This is fine, #EatArbys, smod4real 2017, etc.

In a nutshell, Delaware Dave tweet-mocked the president for saying that his recent Florida rally was “packed to the rafters” by posting a photo showing anything but. But the photo was taken before Trump was speaking, so upon learning that, Weigel took it down about 20 minutes later. President Donald Trump later tweet-demanded an apology, and Weigel gave him one. Then this happened:

.@DaveWeigel @WashingtonPost put out a phony photo of an empty

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