Trump Tells Salvadoran Immigrants to GTFO

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The Trump administration has revoked Temporary Protected Status for thousands of Salvadorans currently living in the United States. The immigrants now have until mid-2019 to make legal arrangements to stay in the United States; failing that, they must either return to El Salvador or endure life as an illegal immigrant.

About 186,000 people received the status, which allows them to live and work legally in the United States without the risk of deportation, following a devastating earthquake in El Salvador in 2001. Their legal right to be here has been renewed multiple times over the past two decades, thanks to the continually dangerous situation in El Salvador. Most have developed roots in the U.S., buying homes, building careers, and starting families.

Monday’s decision put all that at risk.

Those who stay will lose their legal right to work, in addition to risking arrest and deportation. Many might still prefer

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