Trump in Saudi Arabia: Why is the Islamic Kingdom his first Presidential visit?

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Donald Trump is under fire again for reportedly telling James Comey to drop his investigation into Michael Flynn.Reuters

When Donald Trump’s first overseas destination was announced, there were few eyebrows raised. Saudi Arabia, a longtime ally and trading partner of the United States was ready to welcome Trump and his delegation as it has several other Presidents including Nixon, Carter, Clinton, Bush Snr, Bush Jnr and Obama.

Why then has Trump decided to visit the Saudi Kingdom first? And what are the issues that he will be raising when he is there?

Generations of American leaders have recognized US reliance on Saudi oil as a key factor in the relationship, but in 2017, in an increasingly complex world, the relationship between America and Saudi Arabia is as important as ever.

Here we look at three factors which mean Trump is determined to get round a table in Riyadh.

1) Trade

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