Trip of a lifetime? 3 great reasons for Christian summer camps

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Summer brings with it few consistencies (Wimbledon is one, good weather is not) but there is one that has endured over the years: the youth summer camp.

A chance for children to get away and for parents to be set free, the Christian summer camp adds the unique element of faith and spiritual excitement, perhaps re-igniting one’s religious sense, or sparking it for the very first time.

Summer camps can be a ridiculous, and life-changing, experience.Ventures & Falcons/ Facebook

But summer camps can get a hard time. Are they old hat for a digitally saturated generation? Are they just a reckless spiritual high, providing no long-term discipleship? An article by the satirical site The Babylon Bee took aim at the short-term frenzy with the sarcastic article: ‘Teen At Summer Camp Rededicates Life To Christ For Next Two Weeks’.

For the volunteers who lead and make these camps possible, the adventures with

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