TOXIC Things People Used to Eat!

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At some point in time, people will look back and remember some of the strange things we’re eating in this period of history. A majority of our food is choc full of chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides, artificial flavors and so on. But back when things were less complicated, there was still some interesting stuff that was popular. Would you be willing to try a chocolate bar with radium or arsenic laced candy? Probably not. Today, were gonna take a look at strange and toxic things people used to eat.

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Who knew solidified whale vomit could smell so good and cost so much! We understand that whales are endangerd species and all but you have to wonder who the heck discovered all the magical properties it seems to have! Also described as floating gold, ambergris is extremely hard to find and often floats around for a few years before someone finds it. It also smells awful upon discovery and it must be aged for a long time in order to get the sweet earthy smell customers are going for. A large amount tends to come from tropical countries like the Bahamas, China, Japan, Madagascar and other oceanic countries across the globe. The wax like substance that is basically a slurry digestive liquids, mixed with whatever the whale was eating can still fetch a massive price! You’d be lucky if you can across some and some fortunate people have stumbled upon a fortune from this stuff. You might remember the scene where hannibal lecter sends a letter while using ambergris lotion which he would hope would lead to his discovery in italy, which is one of only a few countries that allow it.

5. Mummy Salesmen
It wasn’t just shrunken heads that were on sale on the black market. The popularities of mummies and egyptology was at an all time high in the early 1870’s. Many people believed that crushed up mummies was some kind of cure for ailments, especially for arthritis. Although not everyone would like to admit, there were a large number of cannibals in Europe due to this practice. This man in Egypt was hoping to make a quick buck, but selling the corpse of an ancient Egyptian. Many mummies were destroyed throughout history and who knows which mummies of important of important pharaohs were eaten. This took place as far back as at least the 1500’s!

4. Bog Butter
How would you like to spread your toast with a little bit of bog butter? Sounds yummy right? 22 pounds of this stuff, was recently discovered in Ireland dating back 2000 years! It actually buried in a bog and apparently is still edible. This prehistoric dairy product managed to stay well preserved due to the cold temperatures of Northern Ireland and low oxygen in the bog and allegedly smelt kinda like cheese. Some claim that this could have been an offering to the gods in order to keep the area safe from natural disasters. What god wouldn’t appreciate a big hunk of butter? This was later carbon dated and transported to a natural history museum where they could preserve it! Butter often spoiled quickly in ancient times and the best way to keep it edible was to bury it underground. Other bog butter discoveries were found encased in wood or animal hide.

3.Radioactive Energy Drinks
Although your red bull might not be radioactive, energy drinks have been suspect since the 1920’s since RadiThor hit the shelves. Modern energy drinks certainly don’t contain radioactive energy. This goes to show you how easy it is to sell people things if they think it’ll give them a boost of energy. Back in the day, this was a patented medication which consisted of distilled water and 1 microcurie of radium and 228 isotopes. This stuff was manufactured for 10 years in the city of East Orange, New Jersey. The owner of the company was William J.A. Bailey who was a harvard medical dropout, who claimed it was a cure for the living dead, and also as “perpetual sunlight”. A man named Eben Byers drank so much of this stuff that he actually expired from radiation poisoning in 1932. He grave was eventually exhumed and they noticed his remains were still extremely radioactive.

2.Radioactive Chocolate Bar
Radioactive energy drinks weren’t the only weird radioactive thing people were consuming back then. Who needs peanuts or caramel in their chocolate bar when you can fill it up with radioactive substances instead! It was sold from the german company Burk and Braun from 1931 to 1936 and people also thought it had rejuvenating qualities to it. Could that just be a side effect from radiation poisoning?


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