Tory Manifesto: What the Conservatives say about religion and the Church

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‘There is no Mayism’ echoed around the hall in Halifax where Theresa May launched the Conservative manifesto.

But despite denying there was a cult or particular philosophy around her leadership, the Prime Minister’s manifesto marks a break from Thatcherism and the Conservative party under David Cameron.

Theresa May dodged comparisons to Margeret Thatcher saying: ‘Margeret Thatcher was a Conservative. I am a Conservative. This is a Conservative manifesto.’Reuters

Ending middle class benefits, refusing to deny any tax rises and a delay in the deficit reduction plans – this is manifesto that will see the notion of ‘Red Tory’ whispered around Westminster again.

‘Conservatism is not and never has been the philosophy described by caricaturists’, the manifesto reads.

‘We do not believe in untrammelled free markets. We reject the cult of selfish individualism. We abhor social division, injustice, unfairness and inequality. We see rigid dogma and ideology not just as needless

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