TOP Strangest Facts About Pepsi!

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The CEO of this next popular brand makes 29 million dollars each year and they possess one of the most powerful beverage companies in the world. It was almost shut down a few times from bankruptcy but thanks to effective advertising techniques, and coversive methods, they’ve been able to make it to the top. Their symbol is known as a globe and originated in the 1940 and they could be a corporation set on global control.

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6. Mountain Dew Dissolver
The capabilities of modern day soda pop seems to be surrounded in mystery and their abilities to dissolve things seems to intrigue many people. Some people writing about urban legends in the 1980’s would spread rumors about mice finding their way into soda cans which were then packaged and sold across the world. This one started off as an urban legend and turned out to be true when a man in Illinois found a dissolved body of a mouse inside his mountain dew. When he tried suing Pepsi company, they stated that that couldn’t be possible because the mouse would have transformed into some kind of jelly like substance after 30 days and it wouldn’t have passed through the bottling plant if still in tact. Sounds settling right?. They said that the mouse would have no calcium in it’s bones after 7 days from the acidity of the popular drink and by 30 days, they wouldn’t even be able to tell it’s a mouse. After some gross experiments had been done, turns out pepsi right. It’s noted that the tails could dissolve slower than the rest of the mouse and maybe that’s what he found. Either way, he had enough evidence to make it to court and it was settled for an undisclosed amount. Now everyone drink up!

5. 2 Liter Bottles
Many of us will always see the standard 2 liter plastic bottle at grocery stores around the world and you might have asked yourself, who the heck thought of that thing! They must be making some serious cash. PepsiCo was responsible for introducing the first 2 liter bottle in 1970 after it was invented by a team of scientists working for the Duponts. The Duponts have gotten a bad rep for inventing things that turn out to be horrible for us and the environment so you might want to be a little bit cautious of this. It’s named polyester resin with a complicated name (polyethylene terephthalate). 2 liter bottles are one the most abundant items found sitting at landfills mainly because they can basically last forever. There’s only one species of bacteria known to help with its decomposition and it’s pretty rare. Generations into the future and archaeologists will find 2 liter bottles still in tact because they can take as much as 1000 years to biodegrade.

4. How Much Money they Make
Pepsi Inc was recently able to surpass coca cola on wall street where their shares have gained 2.95 percent for the last 2 years and 30 percent over the last 5 years! Coca cola stock over the past two years went down by to -1.45 percent and their shares gained 9.25 percent over a two year period. It might be a rather big surprise to many people considering the coca cola has been on the top looking down for a rather long time. On forbes, coca cola has a higher ranking for brand recognition where it ranks in at 6 place while pepsi ranks for 29th. What it really comes down to is the money though. Their annual profit was valued at 65 billion dollars and coca cola only reported a 20 billion dollar gross annual profit. Keep in mind that pepsi has a snack food market and even owns taco bell

3. They’ve Gone to Space
Pepsi never misses a good chance to get some publicity and in 1984 coca cola launched the first carbonated drink into space. They spent an estimated $250,000 just on the can that would actually work in a zero gravity environment and not spill everywhere, that we see in this photo. They also had to slightly change their secret recipe in order for this to work. Nasa eventually agreed to the idea and then in 1985, pepsi decided to join in on the fun. 4 cans of pepsi and 4 cans of coke were brought on board. What on earth would the astronauts do without a soft drink on board.

2. 200 Different countries
Pepsi is sold in 200 different countries with their headquarters found in Harrison, New York and is the preferred choice to countries who are actually against americanization of their country. Coca cola is seen as a perfect symbol for american capitalism and as a way to protest this, people might consider drinking pepsi instead. Although Coca cola still sells more of their soda, other places across the globe still heavily prefer pepsi. Places where pepsi reigns supreme include Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Guatemala and the Canadian province of Quebec. The country of Japan gets some interesting pepsi products which are more customized to their taste. They also have a superhero known as pepsi man and even pepsi women which makes for some rather humorous advertisements.


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