Three different ways to resist Trumpian nationalism

There is only one way to defend most of new President Donald Trump’s many moves in his first week in office, but it is powerful. Whether it is the Wall, or shutting down refugee resettlement, or building the pipelines, or pressuring companies to keep jobs here, or pulling out of international trade pacts, or even toying with torture again, all can mainly or only be defended as a means to “put America first.”

As such, many Americans find at least the general direction of what Trump is doing to be compelling. After all, isn’t it the job of the American president to wake up each day asking what he can do to advance American self-interest? The very fact that Donald Trump was elected on precisely this platform, or at least, this persona, speaks to its appeal.

Ever since there were peoples, and nations, such claims to patriotic duty and national self-interest have been among the

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