Thomas Massie’s Four Arguments Against (and One for) a Bump Stock Ban

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Hit and Run Reason

Reason TVRep. Thomas Massie, the libertarian-leaning Kentucky Republican who leads the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, has been one of the few legislators to openly resist demands for a ban on bump stocks, the devices that Stephen Paddock reportedly used in his October 1 attack on a country music festival in Las Vegas. In a telephone interview today, Massie detailed his objections, which are practical as well as philosophical.

1. It is not clear that bump stocks increased the death toll in Las Vegas.

It’s an assumption based on a lack of facts right now,” Massie says. Judging from audio of the attack, he says, “It’s my guess that the shooter had a bona fide machine gun in the first volley of rounds that he fired at the crowd, and it’s my guess that subsequent volleys were fired with a bump stock. You can hear the difference.”

Massie, who owns several

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