Things You Should Know About Mark Zuckerberg

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From some interesting news about how facebook became one of the biggest social medias to unbelievable offersvhe turned down. Here are

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5. Shady Deals
During the 2016 presidential election, many of us might have been confused by the results, but maybe the winner had a little trick up his sleeve. Facebook sold a lot of its data to the Donald Trump campaign and gained access to more than 87 million facebook accounts in the process. The firm Cambridge Analytica offers various tools and information for presidential campaigns to help sway voters. Ads were also placed on people’s timelines who seemed opposed to Trump or seemed undecided. Many had thought that facebook was hacked or something but the truth was that they were selling this data that they agreed wouldn’t get into the wrong hands. The political data firm denied all accusations at first, but were forced to fess up after mounting evidence.Mark Zuckerberg had to appear before court to answer some questions. He even claimed that his own data was even accessed by Cambridge Analytica. It’s still pretty crazy though how one man with a giant tech industry can have the power to influence our elections. The honest ads act now makes social media platforms inform users about the source of political ad funding. What other shady deals are these tech companies up to.

4. Why Facebook is Blue
Facebook is not just blue because it’s sad. You probably never really thought about it before but it turns out that the reason facebook is mainly blue is because Mark Zuckerberg is actually colorblind. According to the New Yorker, Mark Zuckerberg is actually red-green colorblind but he can see the color blue. No other quite like blue can be seen on this website and it dominates the app as well. He claims that blue is actually the richest color for him and the christmas colors come out a little bit gray. Could there have been some kind of malfunction while creating this robot or what?

3. His Dog
With all the privacy concerns aside, mark Zuckerberg is a proud owner of a dog named Beast! He’s a puli, or Hungarian Sheep dog and he’s got his own facebook page with over 2.7 followers and likes. You can see videos of him dancing, you can see zuckerberg’s wife taking him for a walk, or see the dog dancing and doing other various dog related activities. It has quite a bit of fur and a unique rastafarian look to him. They’re known to be very energetic and can’t achieve their dreadlock look until 4 years after birth. However, the facebook page hasn’t uploaded a photo of the beast since 2016, making you wonder what happened to him. Did he get kidnapped by russian hackers possibly? Who knows. If anyone knows the where abouts of beast, please let us know he’s safe in the comment section.

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