Things You Should Know About Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

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Robots are becoming more and more advanced each and everyday and there may come a point in time where robots are treated with similar rights as humans. Pretty soon robots will become so advanced to the point where they will become self aware and capable of making their own decisions. What happens if some of this technology we’re gonna take a look at today comes back to bite us in the end. From Google retina scan from robots that could whip your butt at the casinos, here are things you should know about artificial intelligence

11. China’s Government Policy
Robots are becoming so advanced to the point where people might actually be using their help for advising political strategies almosts as if it’s just one big video game. Many would certainly agree that artificial intelligence needs to have some form of limitation but in other countries, some may feel as though this technology can make them more powerful. Some would argue that when it comes to foreign policy, taking out some of the emotion when it comes to making decisions could prove to be useful. It’s been proving that constantly making tough decisions and wear down on people and on their mental health, so you might as well construct a robot to do it for you! Some believe that politicians will begin using these AI advisors in the upcoming years and who knows how what kind of decisions it will make. Hopefully the person engineering this project will know exactly what their doing or impending doom may follow.

10. Microchip
At some work environments around the country, some employees will happily be inserted with a microchip if it means they get a respectable salary. But at what cost is our freedom? The microchips are fitted with the same technology as credit cards and it can also be used to open doors, log in to computers etc. The company in wisconsin claims that they won’t be using it to track people off the clock but how sure can we be. It would likely keep a record of each time you use the bathroom, how long you were there, and still collect data on the users. It’s likely people might be shunned for refusing the microchip and get labeled as a conspiracy theorist. It’s still in its experimental phase and the ceo of the company even claims himself, that the devices could be used in nefarious ways.

9. The Sea HUnter
Artificial intelligence is already being utilised by the US Navy and maybe it could be just a little bit too soon. Hopefully the robots don’t get ahold of our nuclear codes just yet. Large computer systems are on board, as well as artificial intelligence systems and many feel as though the sea hunter is a great step for human machine collaboration. The first missions will likely be non-combat type deals where it can scope out different areas, clear underwater mines, or espionage. But we’re sure it could probably hunt down a few things if it has to. Similar to drones in a way, it’s starting to make more sense not to put humans in combat, but the whole concept of artificial intelligence mixing with military is still somewhat of a controversial issue. Giving a machine the ability to think on its own might lead to it making its own decisions. Who knows.

8. AI Powered Snapchat Filters
Imagine a freethinking robot was looking at you the whole time while you were taking selfies. Hopefully it wouldn’t get too attached. Many of your may have used snapchat before and recently, the company has revealed how they can put AI on your cell phone. They claim to have tweaked their facial recognition software into 5.2 MB. Snapchat has paired with google recently who certainly has their own facial recognition technology. The Face ID scans have caused some problems, being accused of not working on various ethnicities which would make some believe the robots are racist! Maybe it’s best the robots can’t see you! The filters have been used to seemingly predict the future by seeing how you would look in the future or how you would look from another culture. By using all these technologies with image recognition, you have to be wondering what else they can figure out!

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