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From videos on the web that were demonetized to somethings that might cause the apocalypse, here are 15 things you really shouldn’t google, Part two

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6. Things Facebook Knows About You
It might take some time to realize that facebook might have seen you naked at some point in time. It’s okay, you’ll just have to get over it. There is a ton of private info that the tech company has wanted to provide to advertisers and you may not be comfortable with the answer. Facebook has even been making predictions whether or not your single and if you’re not, how long your relationship will last. They might even know more about your girlfriend than you do!

5. Eel Girl
We’re not really sure why you would consider googling eel girl in the first place, but if you thought you should, you thought wrong. First of all, eel girl is a short sci-fi film which depicts some relations with an eel-human hybrid and a scientist. We’ll leave it at that but it’s quite freaky and might give you nightmares. Other search results of eel girl, might bring you to some crazy japanese fetish site which involves eels going places where the sun don’t shine. Other reaction videos seem to show people watching what’s known as eel soup and it doesn’t seem like know what’s going on. You will probably sleep better at night not watching the video so it’s not worth the google!

4. Runit Island
You probably shouldn’t google this thing if you want to remain blissfully numb to the truth but it seems like there’s a ticking time bomb in the South Pacific. It’s been deemed as uninhabitable for the next 24000 years. Local inhabitants of the Marshall Islands call it the tomb because it’s a concrete lid that cover extremely hazardous materials. The dome itself is a feat of engineering being 18 inches thick. However the tomb is not coated, meaning it can sink into the earth below. One tsunami could be all it takes to crack it open. During the times of nuclear testing on runit island, a huge explosion took place causing chunks of plutonium to scatter all over the tropical island. The US military was called to clean it up and place a dome over it and are claiming . Some feel as though it’s a ticking time bomb and it’s the reason for many problems for the natives. If you’ve taken the blue pill, don’t look this up.

3. Rocky Mountain Arsenal
In case you thought only places like chernobyl get contaminated, there are places right here on our home soil where people are facing the consequences of radiation and some bad decisions. Although the plant shutdown 1993, this hazardous waste storage and disposal plant was kept a secret for a long period of time. Eventually, environmental problems were clear. Things that were stored here include mustard gas, and nerve gas that the US agreed to dispose of according to recent treaties. Wildlife suffered in this area suffering from genetic defects and rabbits were used here to see if any leaks were occuring. The situation was a mess and there is some pretty creepy vintage footage of this place. At the moment now

2. Logan Paul Aokigahara Video
Youtube has already demonetized this video of Logan Paul in the Aokigahara forest and you probably shouldn’t google it. Located at the base of Fuji Mountain in Japan and many claim the forest is full of spirits of people who’ve taken their own lives. They claimed be vengeful spirits who attempt to lure people off track. Some who wander her never come back. However, if you watch Logan Paul’s video not only will your iq lower but you’ll understand why the rest of the world hates america. He goes camping there with his friends and publishes a grizzly discover that we won’t talk about. Many called for Logan Paul to delete his youtube account after the upload so it obviously caused some drama.

1. The Cursed Japanese Kleenex Commercial
The tissue company Kleenex made this commercial in the 1980’s. Many people found the music in the background of this ad to be extremely bizzare. Others noticed something much more horrifying. The woman sounded like she was chanting a German curse hymn in addition to the already strange ad. Not long after the making of this, a horrifying curse was put onto all those who had something to do with the production.The child you see here was dressed like an ogre suffering from nightmares and became severely ill. l.His mother went mentally insane and had to be emitted to a mental hospital. The woman in the tissue ad is still doing okay but is unable to have children. The cameraman who shot it, we’ll just say he went into a sauna and never came out.

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