Things Teachers DON’T Want You to Know!

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Teachers don’t always want to say hello to you outside of the classroom just because your one of their students and they probably know more about you than you like them to. From the real reasons behind movie day in class, to caffeine addictions here are things your teacher doesn’t want you to know

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7. They’ll Eavesdrop
If you’re talking in class constantly, it’s possible that your teacher might be listening in on some private information. They might have heard you ask out the girl you like awkwardly and see you get shut down. It’s not always that they’re trying to eavesdrop, it’s just that kids talk way too loud sometimes and they have no choice but to hear it. Most of the time, they’ll pretend like they didn’t hear but sometimes the information is too much to be ignored. Some teachers on reddit will admit to hinting to their students if they saw their boyfriends flirting with other girls or bragging about certain experiences.

6. Packin’ Heat?
You might be a little bit surprised to know that your teacher could be holding some kind of firearm on them during class in case things get a little bit out of control! There are currently 18 different states that permit teachers to carry weapons in schools with permission from the school or the district. This includes some of the most populated states including california, Texas, new york and others. For other states, it might be a little bit more difficult including more requirements for the teachers to be packing heat. Be careful next time you start goofing off in class. It could be a lot more painful than detention!

5. They Might Like to Party

Many teachers have been fired for what they do in their personal life and from parents snooping around on their instagram. Take the russian model Viktoria Demeshkina who was a teacher before she got fired for her instagram getting a little too spicy. Is it a crime to be a teacher with a modeling portfolio! After further investigation, it appears as though they might have been right but in any case. A woman named Ashley Payne was fired for posting this photo of her holding a beer in one hand and a glass of wine in her other hand on her facebook. She worked in the state of georgia and was taken while travelling in Europe during summer time when school was out. What do you guys think? Did the school board go to far on this one, getting involved in people’s personal lives? Let us know what you think in the comment section and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming video.

4. Gossip About Your Parents
Parents are often arguing with teachers about their kids acting up in class or about why they’re not passing class etc and it seems inevitable that’ll happen eventually. It’s likely that if your parents are bunch of trouble makers and are always fussing with the teacher, the teachers will let the other teachers know about it. Fellow staff feel as though it’s like having their peer’s back and warning them so they can avoid some confrontation. There are quite a few crazy confrontations between parents and teachers that you can read about on reddit. it’ll make you believe that the teachers will at least have some good stories to tell eachother in the break room quite often.

3. Pretend Looking Busy
Teachers have admitted that if you’re in class that you might as well pretend to be busy so they don’t have to bother you about it. If you just sit there, with your head down and act like you don’t care at all, they have to basically tell you to stop. If they just let you sleep in class all day, other students will catch on and start to do it themselves. They say that as long as you can make it look like you’re doing something, you can basically zone out all you want. At least have some paper and a pencil on your desk. You’ll learn later on in life that this is an important lesson when your boss replaces your teacher some day.

2. Fib About Their Age
How old do you think your teacher is? Teachers are getting younger and younger by the day but they might not want you to know that! Some teachers on reddit have confessed to trying to make themselves look older in order to get their students to respect them more when in reality, they’re in their mid twenties fresh out of college. Some how they get the students to believe them by putting dark makeup under their eyes, and telling other teachers to make fun of them for being old etc. In the end, they might make the students believe that the teacher either aged well and was really in their 40’s or has been teaching long enough to tell that you’ve been cheating on your reports!


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