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Things Millennials Miss the Most from the 90’s

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The 90’s were a unique time in history where people were slowly transitioning into the digital age. We’ll be the last generation to grow up with smartphones which means more simple things could be enjoyed. It’s time to reminisce on what life was like during that time and to take a look at things millenials miss the most about the 90’s

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6.Gidget the Chihuahua
Don’t you wish your dog could be the star of commercials and bring you in a boatload of cash! Probably one of the most famous dogs out there in the world would be Gidget the Chihuahua. She was born in 1994 and will forever be remembered as a legend. Taco Bell aired many popular commercials with Gidget during her career when she would say her famous line, “yo quiero Taco Bell”! The little pup became an international superstar and many toys were made in her honor! She was later replaced with a different ad campaign in 2000. She also had some different catch phrases like “drop the Chalupa” and “Viva Gorditas!”.She even appeared in the movie, Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde, as Bruiser’s mom.

5.The Rock
The Rock’s career didn’t really take off until 1996 when he became the intercontinental champion with the nickname of Rocky Maivia, a combination of both his father and grandfather’s ring name. He also got the nickname as the Blue Chipper during his early WWF days. He beat the wrestler known as Bret the Hitman hart by disqualification which would earn him this cool belt. He wasn’t well liked by the fans early on either and played more of an antagonist role.

4.Beanie Babies
At one point in time, 10 percent of all sales on Ebay were beanie babies and these 90’s fad brought in some serious cash for creator, Ty Warner. They were a collectible stuffed animal that was all the rage and many people out there were convinced that they would be worth a lot of money some day in the future. It was so serious, that taking off the tag of a beanie baby was almost an unforgivable sin. The sad thing is that even that princess diana stuffed bear is essentially worthless. There’s only one beanie baby that’s worth a decent amount of money which is the blue elephant which might sell 1.5k if you’re able to find a buyer. The craze would eventually die down enough to the point where beanie babies would never make a come back. The best selling beanie babies typically have some kind of manufacturing defect to them.

3.Super Soaker
Do you remember back in the day when it was okay to play with things that resembled firearms? You could play around in the streets with things like super soakers and not have to worry about police mistaking it for some type of automatic weapon. Supersoaker and even nerf technology seemed to be pretty advanced back in the 90’s but now that the kids have smartphones and other ways to amuse themselves, playing around on the street seems like a laughable activity. Trying to convince your kids to not play fortnite online and go outside and play with a super soaker doesn’t even seem possible anymore. A vintage super soaker can still be worth a decent amount of money in modern times, selling for as much as 500 dollars in 2016.

2.Slip n Slide
Slip and slides used to be all the rage back in the 90’s and if you didn’t have one in your backyard, you were seriously missing out on some fun. Typically you would slip and slide all day with your friends until someone got hurt and your parents took it down. Although it tended to kill the grass it was used on top of, everyone was looking forward to it being summer so they could pull out the slip and slide. Back in the time where lawsuits didn’t ruin everything for everyone an toys r us was still, slip n slides reigned supreme affordable summer activities.


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