Things Airline Pilots Don’t Want You to Know

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Being a pilot takes years of practice, a lot of training, a lot of patience and they might know a lot more about what’s going on in the plane than you can even imagine. There are many different places in the world that they can’t fly over and it’s not uncommon to come across a few UFO’s. From safety hazards they’re not telling you about to strange things they might store under your feet, here things pilots don’t want you to know about.

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6. Authorized Access
If you’re going to get fired, this would be a pretty legendary way to go down but you most likely won’t want to lose your job as a pilot .A playboy model walks into the cockpit with two different pilots and wants to get a selfie.The model viky xipolitakis was invited into the cockpit, asked her if she’d like to try to fly the plane and gave her a little instructions on how to keep things under control. Are you really going to say no? It seems totally normal to want to get the photo, the only problem was that they were flying the plane! Pilots have even been known for sleeping in the plane with no problem, so what’s the big deal. Being in a magazine doesn’t typically give you the credentials to take hold of the wheel! If you really wanted to distract a couple pilots in order to hijack a plane, a playboy model would be the perfect decoy.

5.Seat Belts Pointless
Think of an airplane as a giant bus with wings. You wouldn’t really need to wear a seat belt on a bus and you most likely don’t really need one on a plane either. In the event of a plane crash, a seat belt probably isn’t gonna save your life. It will however, keep you strapped in your seat while the flight attendants hand out beverages and peanuts though. Even when the plane is landing, you could probably end up just fine if you were hanging onto a handle or something. This has led companies like Ryan air to consider flights were people are standing the entire time for a cheaper price.

4.They Get a Special Meal
Do you think the pilot is going to eat the same thing as the guy sitting all the way in the back in the coach section? Think again! The pilot doesn’t want to take any risks with getting sick or from food poisoning and other factors associated with airline food. This will lead them to have their meals premade. You wouldn’t want the pilots to get sick and not be able to land the plane but if the rest of us get sick, whatever! You’ll get over it.

3.Downplaying Problems
Pilots don’t like to admit that there’s a problem going on and will commonly try to downplay the issue in order to make people feel at ease. There are a lot of things can happen to the plane or could cause the flight to less smoothly than desired. Sometimes while flying, pilots might encounter zero visibility. If they do mention anything at all, they might say something like, oh it’s just a little bit of fog, no big deal. If your flight is delayed for hours because the engine is falling off, they might just say it’s only some technical difficulties.

2.Packing some heat?
You’re certainly not allowed to carry a firearm in your carry on bag if you go on a plane but that doesn’t mean a pilot isn’t. You might not ever even see the person flying the plane and it could be a terminator robot for all we know. Pilots that carry firearms are known as a federal flight deck officer and they’re specially trained to carry weapons on commercial aircraft in case total chaos breaks out. In order to have this privilege, pilots must endure some serious background checks, marksmanship tests, physical fitness tests and so on. In 2008, on US Airways flight 1536, a gun went off somehow while the pilot was trying to store it. Although it didn’t hurt anyone, it left a big hole in the side of a the cockpit.


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