Theresa May refuses to interfere in Church of England’s stance on gay couples

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Theresa May has refused to interfere in the Church of England’s debate over same-sex marriage.

The Prime Minister, who is a regular churchgoer, dodged a question on whether she thought the established church should allow gay couples to wed in its buildings.


May’s refusal to interfere comes after several MPs pressurised the Church to shift its stance.

‘As you know, the Church of England continues to debate these issues, and I respect the deeply-held views that many of its members have,’ she said in a Q&A session with PinkNews.

‘As the established Church, it is in a different legal position from other churches or faith groups, so the law equalising marriage had to recognise that.

‘I strongly support equal marriage, and I know that these debates will continue, but it will have to be for the Church as a whole to decide if it wants to make a

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