The War on Goat Yoga

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Anne-Marie Jackson/ZUMA Press/NewscomNo kidding: The District of Columbia is cracking down on goat yoga.

Goat yoga, for the uninitiated, is a form of exercise where gleeful yogis strike up poses next to (and sometimes underneath) cuddly animals. Classes have popped up at studios and barnyards around the country, from Los Angeles, California, to Roberts, Wisconsin.

But in D.C., the Department of Health (DOH) is aiming to end this menacing mixture of fitness and farm animals. D.C. Brau, a Washington microbrewery, had to cancel two sold-out goat yoga classes—which were to be followed by beer tastings—after the DOH warned that the events would violate a ban on spectators touching animals at public events.

“It would have been cool to do something that mixes three things that I loved: yoga, animals, and beer,” says Cecilia Cervantes, a D.C.-area resident who had planned on attending the class. “It sucks that businesses can’t use

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