The volunteer navy which changed the course of history

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Spanish Armada

Spain led the Holy League to defeat the Muslim Ottoman Turkish Navy at the Battle of Lepanto near Corinth, Greece, in 1571.

Hilaire Belloc wrote in “The Great Heresies” (1938): “This violent Mohammedan pressure on Christendom from the East made a bid for success by sea as well as by land. The last great Turkish organization working now from the conquered capital of Constantinople, proposed to cross the Adriatic, to attack Italy by sea and ultimately to recover all that had been lost in the Western Mediterranean. There was one critical moment when it looked as though the scheme would succeed. A huge Mohammedan armada fought at the mouth of the Gulf of Corinth against the Christian fleet at Lepanto. The Christians won that naval action and the Western Mediterranean was saved. But it was a very close thing, and the name of Lepanto should remain

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