The TRUTH About Notre Dame!

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Notre Dame has been an iconic structure of western civilization over the past millennium and although it managed to survive the French Revolution, and both world wars, an electrical fire apparently was what caused a massive inferno. But could this architectural masterpiece have some hidden history that would make some people want to destroy. And what if those people who did belonged to secret societies. From other mysterious events that have happened on April 15th, to the dark link with the templars here is the truth about notre dame

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5.Emmanuel Macron
France is known for being an important place for the New World Order to set up their operations with one of the official language of the United Nations being French. Freemasonry in France has been known since the french revolution and the even guy who invented the guillotine was a known freemason. It would continue to exist since the time of Napoleon and here we see napoleon giving a masonic pose with his hand in his jacket. Nathan Rothschild funded against Napoleon and then napoleon even borrowed more money from the rothschilds in order to make an escape from his exile in Elba. Nathan Rothschild became a freemason in London, while members of the family followed his lead. What’s all this got to do with Macron? Macron knowing worked for this family that’s often associated with the new world order, while working for one of their investment banks. He earned 2.9 million euro for advising Nestle on a 12 billion dollar acquisition of the big pharma company Pfizer. This almost seemed to make him the perfect puppet to appear as the president of France despite his nefarious ties.

4.Jupiterian Leader
You’re probably familiar with Jupiter, the all powerful roman god whose temple once stood in the site of notre dame. Macron is regularly called a president for the rich especially due to new taxes that were imposed on fuel which would make things much harder for people who don’t live in the city. Gas prices are already extremely high in france to the point where many americans would start a riot if prices ever got that high, over 5 dollars a gallon. The country already has one of the highest gas prices in the world and this lead to the yellow vest riots we’ve seen unfold recently. Journalists have openly mocked Macron after he made a statement saying that the former president francois hollande was not a jupiterian president but I don’t not believe in a normal president. The French aren’t waiting for that, on the contrary such a concept makes them feel insecure”.

3.A Convenient Disaster
Presidents of countries who serve secret societies might have a convenient disaster take place that will get divert the attention elsewhere. On the day that the notre dame was burnt, macron was set to give a speech to the yellow vest protesters about reforms he was about to make. With the whole country’s attention focused on their beloved monument, macron cancelled the broadcast. Politicians never let a good disaster go to waste as some say. During opinion polls, a majority of people stated that the yellow vests should stop their protests because of the fire. Could the destruction of france’s patrimony slowly demoralize them to the point where they no longer want to put up a good fight against the elite?

2.Other Things of April 15th
Was it just a strange coinciden=ce that the the burning of one the most recognizable catholic buildings was burned on April the 15th. Don’t forget, this is the same as tax day in the united states where everyone is required to file taxes. Other strange events have happened on this date which includes the sinking of the titanic, McDonalds opened their first restaurant, the boston bombings, Triangle fraternity is founded and the most sinister of all, the hillsborough incident which left 96 lifeless. It’s so clear that the freemason’s were responsible for this event that you can google it yourself. It was determined that police officers during the match were freemason and allowed for Britain’s worst ever sporting event to take place.


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