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The Reasons Why GuatemaIa’s Fuego Volcano Is Deadlier Than Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano

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One of Guatemala’s most infamous volcanoes is living up to its name. The Volcan de Fuego, Spanish for fire volcano, erupted overnight. Video emerged showing rapidly moving ash plumes, making it stand in stark contrast to the images of lava oozing slowly from Hawaii’s Kilauea over the past month.
The different eruptions in part explain why more than two dozen people were killed in the wake of Fuego volcano eruption, while most damage in Hawaii Kilauea has been the slow destruction of physical structures over the past month.
There’s a scientific reason for that.
Whereas Kilauea, a shield volcano, is characterized by large globs of slow-moving lava inching out of fissures, Volcano Fuego, a stratovolcano, is prone to spewing fast-moving flows of ash, lava, and mud.
They’re different eruption styles are born from the volcanoes’ unique underlying geology, says Concord University volcanologist Janine Krippner…

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