The real reason Georgia was founded

James Oglethorpe making treaty with Indians

Early in his career, Eugene of Savoy, under the command of Polish King Jan Sobieski, helped defeat 200,000 Muslim Turks on Sept. 11, 1683, thus saving the city of Vienna, Austria.

Savoy helped drive the Turks from Budapest in 1686, and in 1687, gallantly commanded a cavalry brigade defeating the Turks at the Second Battle of Mohács in Hungary – a victory so significant that the Ottoman army mutinied, the Grand Vizier, Sari Süleyman Pasha, was executed, and Sultan Mehmed IV was deposed.

Austrian Prince Eugene of Savoy was most renowned for his victory over 100,000 Muslim Ottoman Turks at the Battle of Zenta, Serbia, Sept. 11, 1697.

Then Muslim Turks invaded Russia. The new Grand Vizier, Baltaci Mehmet defeated Peter the Great’s Russian Army in the Russo-Turkish War (1710-1711).

Muslim Turks then invaded Greece and Venetian territories, led by Turkish Grand

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