The Queen: Britain is ‘sombre’ but resolute in the face of crisis, attacks and disaster

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Britain is in ‘sombre’ national mood but that its people remain resolute in the face of a succession of terrible tragedies, the Queen said today.

The Queen and Prince William meet emergency workers near Grenfell TowerReuters

Today is traditionally a day of celebration, she said at the start of her message marking her official birthday. ‘The country has witnessed a succession of terrible tragedies.

‘This year, however, it is difficult to escape a very’ sombre national mood. In recent months, the country has witnessed a succession of terrible tragedies.’

She was referring to the succession of terror attacks in Manchester and London, and now the Grenfell Tower fire disaster. The country has also been troubled by the aftermath of the Brexit vote, with Theresa May’s government struggling in the wake of an election where it did far worse than expected and was left with a barely tenable mandate. May herself has faced

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