The ‘other Francis’: The radical Christian legacy of St Clare of Assisi

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Many know of and adore the figure of St Francis of Assisi, the medieval preacher venerated across the world. But how many know of his protégée – a woman who so dedicated her life to the saint’s ideals that she became known as ‘another Francis’?

Clare of Assisi was a radical, pioneering and devoted nun committed to a life of poverty and prayer, who continues to inspire today.

St Clare of Assisi saving a child from a wolf, in a painting by Giovanni di Paolo.Wikimedia Commons

Her life began with a rebellion. Born in 1194, at age 12 Clare’s wealthy family were pressuring her to marry. But Clare ran way, and inspired by a sermon she had heard from Francis of Assisi, sought the religious life in a convent. She cut off her hair and exchanged her elegant gown for a humble robe.

Even when her father sent armed men

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