The one thing you need to do if God’s miracle hasn’t come through for you yet

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Christians hope in the Lord. We all put our faith in Him, bend down on our knees depending on Him, and give Him all our hopes and dreams because we see and deem Him faithful to us. Yet a great many of us are still waiting for that one big thing, that one thing only God can do for us.

We’re all waiting for God’s miracle to happen to us.

Only God can do it

We’re all waiting for God to come and save the day. We’re all waiting for Him to do something only He can do, something that science can never explain, but hearts can never stop rejoicing about. Something that can’t be bought by money yet can never be replaced by any other thing.

We’re all waiting for Him. But what do we do when the miracle doesn’t come? What do we do when we’ve been

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