The most likely people to fight online are white, Christian, male millennials

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Online conflict can seem inescapable. Who does it and why?Pexels

The internet can be a tense battleground. Perhaps once envisaged simply as a pure portal to knowledge, the rise of social media and internet comments sections – and the fiery clashes therein – have made surfing online a sourer sojourn.

Why do we fight online? Does everyone do it, and what about? Those are the questions probed in a recent survey by Barna Group

As the chart below shows, the typical white, male Christian millennial is the most likely candidate for an online fight.

Barna Group

Over half of the 1,021 adult Americans polled (55 per cent) said they never get involved in social media arguments. A quarter (24 per cent) called it a rare occurrence, while one in five said they do it sometimes (21 per cent). Pushing against stereotype, those in full time employment are more likely to

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