The laddish cruelty of ‘pigging’ – and 5 ways Christians can do better at dating

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This week has seen the revelation of a new, cruel kind of dating – known as ‘pigging’. The practice, also known as ‘pulling the pig’, sees a man betting that he can woo a woman deemed to be the ‘ugliest’ in a given group, for the amusement of his friends.

The story making headlines this week was that of a one 24-year-old woman who was apparently lulled into a ‘proper romance’ by a 21-year-old man she met and slept with in Amsterdam. She was stood up, however: after later flying back to Amsterdam to meet her lover she found him nowhere to be seen, and later received the text confirmation: ‘you were pigged, it was all a joke’.

Are there ‘Christian’ principles for good dating?Pixabay

It’s a horrible tale that’s elicited disgust from many, and been seen as emblematic of the hedonistic, abusive ‘lad culture’ that’s prevalent among some young

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