The ‘Great Disruption’ happened 174 years ago this week. Why does it matter? Why should we care?

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Painting by en:David Octavius Hill (died 1870) of the Disruption of 1843 which formed the Free Church of Scotland.Wiki Commons

On the 18th of May 1843, 174 years ago, 121 ministers and 73 elders got up and walked out of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland being held in St Andrew’s Church, Edinburgh. They were met by huge cheering crowds and were eventually joined by others so that 474 ministers out of 1200, and about one third of the membership of the National church left. So what? Why should we bother even noting this, never mind reading and thinking about it? Unless you are one of the select elect who are Scottish Church History buffs? Before you quickly dash away to read something far more interesting, hold on a minute and allow me to introduce you to this great event in the Churches history so that you can be

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