The Christmas story like you’ve never seen before

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Animals try to warn Joseph and Mary of danger
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By Rusty Wright

Christmas movies are common this time of year, and you’ve probably seen many. But have you ever seen one about the first Christmas as experienced by … animals?

This fun and funny animated film-with-a-message follows Bo, a rambunctious young donkey, on his quest for freedom from the daily grind at a mill. He escapes his bondage and teams up with Ruth the sheep and Dave the dove as they follow an unusual star in the sky. Along the way, their band grows to include three wisecracking camels, a goat, a cow, a mouse, and a slew of other creatures.

The star leads them to a manger in Bethlehem, where they sense something significant and wonderful is about to happen involving a pregnant woman named Mary and her husband Joseph.

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