The Bogus Claims Behind Trump’s H-1B Crackdown: New at Reason

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Hit and Run Reason

There was a time when Republicans were only against illegal immigration of the Hispanic variety. President Donald Trump’s executive order cracking down on H-1Bs today shows that those days are gone. Now it is open season on all immigrants — legal, illegal; low-skilled, high-skilled.

Immigration foes have used stories about Disney and Southern California Edison to argue that companies use the H-1B visa program to replace American workers with cheap labor, not obtain specialized talent that they can’t find at home. But National Foundation for American Policy’s Stuart Anderson shows that there is more to the Disney and Edison cases than meets the eye. Moreover, these fallacious examples fly in the face of credible studies that debunk restrictionist claims that foreign professionals hurt American wages and jobs. He writes:

The central flaw in arguments alleging a negative impact on native employment due to the presence of foreign scientists

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