The Baby Chicken vs. the State

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Friday A/V Club: An accidental metaphor

Aca IlićAca Ilić’s The Mallet is set in a grimly futuristic factory where faceless workers separate the chicks they deem healthy from the chicks deemed defective; a giant mallet crushes the rejects to death. Amid the yellow chicklets, one little black bird stands out as different. As a conveyer belt carries it to its doom, it repeatedly tries to escape its fate; finally we see it running away, free at last. With its stark industrial imagery and dissonant soundtrack, the film feels like a dystopian horror story with a hint of hope at the end.

Here’s the twist: None of that was scripted. According to Ilić, he was there at the factory to make a documentary about agriculture and captured this other story by accident. Score one for serendipity. (That said, I would not be surprised

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