Telling the story of my departure from American evangelicalism

Recently the virtual pages of Religion News Service have been graced with further crossfire related to the endless evangelical argument about LGBTQ inclusion.

Jonathan Merritt posted a piece defending blogger evangelical blogger Jen Hatmaker against her evangelical critics, who have treated her to the now-standard exclusion, criticism, and rejection since she offered full LGBTQ inclusion.

Conservative Southern Baptist Denny Burk offered the usual rebuttal. His message was that the door is open for those of us who have abandoned clear biblical truth to come back home to orthodoxy; but there can be no compromise with error.

In Jonathan Merritt’s post, he referred to my own work, an October 2014 book called Changing Our Mind. In that book, which Jonathan helped make (in)famous with this interview upon its release, I argued step by step that it was possible (and, finally, imperative) for evangelical Christians to change our mind on many aspects of “the

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