Survey: 58% of Students Want a Campus Where They Are Not Exposed to ‘Intolerant or Offensive Ideas’

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A majority of students either don’t think hate speech is protected by the First Amendment or aren’t sure. And among the 46 percent of students who correctly state that hate speech is protected, nearly half of those students say it shouldn’t be.

These are among the findings of a new survey of college students’ opinions. The survey was conducted by the polling firm YouGov and published by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

A full 58 percent of students told the pollsters that they want to be part of a campus community that is free of “intolerant or offensive ideas.” What’s more, a

majority of Black (76%) and Latino students (69%) agree that it is important to be part of a campus community where they are not exposed to intolerant or offensive ideas, as opposed to one-half of White students (51% agree). Sixty-three percent of very liberal

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