STRANGEST Lawsuits and Criminal Punishments!

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Many law students out there might not realize what they’re getting themselves into and throughout their career, they’ll have to go on some seriously crazy lawsuits. Many judges out there also realize that our prisons are getting overcrowded and might come up with some clever ways to make criminals learn their lesson. From people suing popeyes for running out of chicken sandwiches, to harsh punishments for americans overseas here strangest lawsuits and criminal punishments.

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4.Water Collection
Water is free right? Everyone gets to enjoy this essential resource necessary for life and taking some isn’t considered stealing if it falls from the sky right? Wrong! You can actually do some hard time in the State of Oregon for collecting rainwater which certainly raises some questions. A rural man, Gary Harrington in oregon said that he was collecting rainwater to store in his reservoir in case his property caught on fire or in case of an emergency. He lives in an area that’s susceptible to wildfires and wanted to be safe! State officials found out about it and he was sentenced to 30 days in jail, charged with a misdemeanor and slapped with a 1,500 dollar fine. For catching rainwater! He wasn’t stealing water bottles out of a factory or anything! This makes you wonder if the government is just simply punishing those who chose to live self sustainably life, off the grid. They claimed that the rainwater actually belonged to the Medford water commision

3.Pay Up
In case you could run from the librarians with overdue library book fees, think again. In most cases, you gotta make sure you pay the money you owe or bad things will happen. This is also the case those books you don’t want to take back. A woman from new mexico was a little bit too thrilled about one of the new twilight books and never bothered to return it. She’ll have to answer to the law why she would do such horrible thing! She racked up about 35 dollars worth in library fines and was taken to the county. Maybe she just liked twilight a little bit too much. She claims that she doesn’t even remember checking out the books but the library was able to look up her address on her records and there they were inside her home. She was arrested in front of her kids who were quite shocked that her mother would get into this serious trouble with the law

2.Michael P Fay
Would you rather just take a few whips from a cane and get your punishment over with? Or would you rather do hard time in a singapore prison! In the case of michael P Fay, an american citizen he got a taste of international punishment and was the subject of international attention when he got caught stealing and vandalizing in the country of singapore. Caning in singapore is a rather common punishment. Although it might seem quite severe to us, people might learn their lessons better if they get just a little bit of a beating. He got the punishment reduced to only 4 whips but it still seemed quite outrageous considering the lashes left him with permanent scarring.


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