STRANGEST Laws in the UK

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7. Improper Use of Twitter
The UK has some of the strictest internet laws among western countries and you really gotta be careful here! It turns out that someone basically had to do some time for some stupid things they’ve said! A student admitted to have posted some racially offensive comments following the untimely collapse of a soccer player Fabrice Muamaba. We won’t exactly repeat what he said and he probably shouldn’t have said it but should the improper use of social media really impede on our civil liberty? The man named liam stacy was responsible for the post and he was arrested at a student house in Swansea, Wales

6.Don’t Disrespect the Queen
Under the racial and religious hatred act of 2006, which our last guy was guilty of breaking, it states that those who speak or create art against the queen is guilty of treason! The crime of treason is a hefty one and could possibly land you in jail for life! Any kind of holocaust denial is illegal here as well as basically anything that goes against fundamental British values. This includes going against democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and speaking out against any religion. This is defined as extremism it definitely makes anyone think twice about hitting that post button at the end of a tweet. Many websites in the UK are blocked automatically by wifi providers almost as if internet access is some type of privilege that can be revoked at any time. Some free speech advocates have spoken out against some of these laws stating that it leaves children in the dark about important issues.

5.Chopping Meat too Loud
These public nuisance laws in the Uk are pretty much able to cover just about anything you do on a daily basis if other people can hear it. It even appears as though they have noise and nuisance officers monitoring how loud people are. A butcher had to go to court after being accused of repeatedly chopping meat too loudly. The complaint was made by a resident who lived above the butcher shop and would be woken up early in the morning to the sound of chopping! The butcher had to limit his activity from the hours of 6am to 8am in order not to be a nuisance to the neighbors.

4.Whales to the Royal Family
In the united kingdom there is a firm law that states that beached whales and sturgeons are royal property of the reigning monarch here. If these creatures are discovered on the beach, they don’t belong to any commoner and are uniquely suited for royal use. This wasn’t such a strange law back during the reign of Edward the II when catching one of these animals wasn’t so easy. It’s been referenced by moby dick that the head of the whale belongs to the king while the tail belongs to the queen. The law is still enforced to this day and there’s an official named the receiver of the wreck who arrives at the scene where the animal has been caught. In 2004, a royal fish was caught in swansea Bay and the person who caught it was presented with a payment. Typically, they want to keep it alive so they can make some caviar.

3.POlish Potato Act
While various foods are banned throughout the Uk, one of the stranger ones we came across are potatoes that are specifically grown in poland! The 2004 polish potatoes order of 2004 makes it illegal to import into england potatoes which he or she knows to have originally been from poland. The law was put into effect when there was an outbreak of ring rot in poland. It certainly sounds like something you don’t want to get. Ring Rot is caused from a bacteria which will leave a ring shaped rot around the potato. The infection will have a soft cheese like texture to it and essentially makes potato crops useless. Although it’s harmless to humans, it can completely destroy a farmer’s yield if it gets spread! So keep your potatoes out of the UK, poland. You’re potatoes aren’t welcome there!

2.Ding Dong Ditching
Mischievous kids in the UK might get a frightening wake up call when they find out their little games of ding dong ditch are illegal! Or does that make it slightly more fun? Under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847, this specific prank is listed. It states that wilfully and wantonly disturb any inhabitant by pulling or ringing any doorbell or knocking at any door without a lawful excuse is illegal!

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