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STRANGEST Laws in Australia

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8.Drinking at Pubs
it’s technically illegal to be drunk at any place at any time if you’re not on public property. That would technically make drinking a pub to be illegal! The UK and Australia are well known for their pubs where you can order all the beer and fish and chips you can tolerate. But this doesn’t make any sense since the licensing act would make everyone found to be drunk on any licensed premises liable for a penalty of at least 200 australian dollars! It’s believed that this law was enacted during a time in the industrial revolution in order to keep people from spending all day at the bar and not in the factory making stuff. The law also exists in the UK too. But cheers mate! Some laws were just certainly made to be broken!

7.Horse to the Pub
If your horse is in need of a meal or some water, might as well head down to a bar in Australia where they’re legally allowed to bring your horse inside the bar where the bartender is legally required to feed it and give it water. The law doesn’t specifically state what the food has to be as long as the horse will eat it. This must be one of those laws that were passed a long time ago you would imagine and that appears to be the case. You’d imagine some viral photos would come out of this happening somewhere but I wasn’t able to find too many. Any of our aussie subscribers know about this one? Let us know in the comment section

6.Faking Clairvoyance or Medium
Trying to find work as a psychic or one who can communicate with those who have passed on can certainly be difficult. People like John Edwards might not be allowed to have his tv show here but in any case, it still seems like a strange law. It states that if a person pretends to be a clairvoyant, spiritualist, or medium and involved in reading someone messages from beyond the grave, they can receive two years of imprisonment or even 10000 dollars in fines. This one seems to be more enforced than some of the other laws apparently with fraud often being an issue here.

5.Illegal cigarettes
TRavelling smokers will also not be pleased when they find out that one pack can cost over 20 american dollars, making it the most expensive in that category. But in any case, if you’re underage, there are no laws that prohibit a child from lighting up a cig. They’re just more concerned with kids being able to buy them. So if you buy some for a kid, is that illegal? Yes it, in the province of Victoria, it’s also illegal to smoke in a car if there’s a person inside that is under the age of 18 to avoid 2nd hand smoke. In case you were wondering, the youngest legal smoking age is in india, where a kid can buy a pack at the age of 9 if they wanted to. In California, Kansas and Maine to name a few states, you now have to be 21

4.Wedding Crashers Not Allowed
WE all remember the film the wedding crashers with owen wilson and vince vaughn but would those guys be criminals in Australia if they tried to pull off similar stunts. If you’re thinking about just showing up to someone’s wedding that you don’t know and you weren’t invited, that’s almost like trespassing in a sense and is considered an illegal offence by the province of Southern Australia. This goes for funerals as well and you should probably just avoid other people’s ceremonies in general to avoid some problems. The last thing you need is a fierce aussie getting mad at you for showing up and eating their food. You better follow this law unless you want a boomerang where the sun don’t shine!

3.Close the Barn Door!
Have you ever had a friend that bothered you because for some reason they would always forget to close the door! It bothers some people more than others but should it really be a crime! Apparently it depends on what door is not being closed. A somewhat confusing law in Australia states that a person who opens a farm gate and leaves it open or someone closes a farm gate and leaves it closed is guilty of an offence that can cost them up to $750 australian dollars. You must be a real trouble maker if you go about opening and closing farm doors just for the sake of it. WE guess it makes sense since flesh eating koala bears might be on the loose and are trying to eat people’s cattle after they sneakin through an opened farm door.

2.Freedom of speech laws
Many believe that Australia is losing its freedom of speech and many people around the world have lost their jobs for saying what’s on their mind. Just recently in 2019, Australia has censored websites like 4chan, 8chan and liveleak but thousands of sites have been removed, making it hard for freedom of speech to truly exist here. According to Reporters without Borders, Australia’s internet was considered to under surveillance more than any other western country in the world in 2009. Pretty much if you put something online here and it might hurt someone’s feelings, you could be in trouble or get your site blacklisted.


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