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STRANGEST Isolated Places Around the World

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From the northernmost city in the cold region of siberia, to a permanent settlement on antarctica here the world’s strangest Isolated places around the world.

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6.Mercury, Nevada
Don’t even think about trying to find a real estate agent in this city because you’re not allowed to move here. Let’s not forget that area 51 is just a short drive away.Mercury Nevada was constructed at the National Nevada Security Site during the cold war in order to house scientists and people who were testing out atomic weapons. Any cameras are strictly forbidden, and it’s best just to not take photos or they will feed you to the aliens.Facilities here include a hospital, theater, post office, and bowling alley. The mysterious buildings that house workers don’t seem to be that much better than some military style trailer parks but who knows what they’re really keeping there. The current population is unknown and it almost seems to be a city that’s stuck in 1960’s. It’s believed that the population shrank rapidly as the nuclear testing on American soil became less frequent but it could be roughly 500 people.

5.Ellesmere Island
It’s canada’s 6th largest island but nothing can survive except for a meager population of small birds, musk oxen and also one of the world’s largest hypolith populations. Nasa is also here to try to understand the microbiology here. The glacier movements on this island have created a barren rocky environment which can certainly be found on other known planets throughout the galaxy. If the conditions are right, we don’t see any reasons why hypoliths wouldn’t be able to survive on rocky planets such as mars.

4.Eismitte, Greenland
Located in Central Greenland, this was the site of an expedition that took place during 1930 and 1931. Eismitte in German means central ice and refers to the campsite that was built. The coldest temperature recorded here was -85 degrees F and the warmest only reaching 27 degrees; which is still below freezing. It never seems to get above freezing here even during summer. The record high recorded in the month of July was still only 28 degrees. There’s basically no summer here. Here in this photo you the frigid campsite that was built in 1930. A 45 foot deep pit was built which served as a living quarters for the 7 month long expedition.

3.Kolmanskop, Namibia
Africa is home to their own creepy remote, ghost towns as well. With discoveries of diamonds and other rare resources, small towns were built to keep up with supply and demand for these sought after jewels. This Ghost town was originally built to house miners of valuable gemstones that were found in this desert. German prospectors flocked to this area, hoping to strike it rich. The town began to diminish in population after world war 1. The area was also hit by a windstorm and this photo shows how sand is beginning to reclaim the territory slowly but surely. The site is popular for photographers who enjoy the way the houses look buried under sand. Although it is sorta near a small airport, if you make it out here, you’ll definitely feel like you’re in a remote wasteland. Completely surrounded by desert sands. Many of the houses are surprisingly in good condition despite a whole century going by.

2.Kalgoorlie Mine
Producing 800,000 ounces of gold per year this is the largest gold mine in Australia and is commonly referred to as the Super Pit. This is located in the remote Australian outback in the western part of the country and it’s soo big it can be seen from space. The super pit almost looks like it’s actually bigger than the city next to it! They originally considered a small number of underground mines but there was just so much gold, they just built a massive pit, that will likely be on the surface of earth for eternity. In order to get all the gold out, an estimated 15 million tons of rock is moved from the mine each year. In 1989 the super pit we see today was created and eventually it was acquired by Barrick gold in 2001. The ore is crushed to remove impure particles of other minerals such as pyrite and telluride in a smelter outside of Kalgoorlie


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