STRANGEST Desert Rock Formations

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Planet Earth is a mysterious place and there are various mysteries as to how it all began. Geologists and land lovers alike will tell you that many answers to origins of our planet can be solved by taking a look at some of these places we’re about to mention. You might be surprised by how many unique landscapes can be found the isolated deserts throughout the world. From the dry lake bed of the lowest point on earth, to rock pillars that are 100’s of feet tall, here the strangest desert rock formations.

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6. Skull Rock
Located in Joshua Tree National Park, this spooky looking rock formation almost looks like a human skull if you look at it from the right angle. Although it might not perfectly resemble a skully it’s can be somewhat eerie for hikers to find while passing by. It’s a favorite location for visitors at this massive national park and it’s only about a 1.7 mile hike to reach and many people claim it’s a pretty easy trail. The most notable features are the eye sockets and the forehead. Just use your imagination and it’s pretty strange!

5.Valle De Luna, Bolivia
Also known as the valley of the moon in English, this crazy place is found in bolivia although there is also another one located in chile. This is area that’s been worn away by erosion but from this photo you can tell that older things are beautiful as well. The unique clay erosion patterns are like something from out of this world and possibly on the moon! What’s unique about this place is that it’s actually made from clay rather than rock which allows for the pillar like spires. The formations here are carved by wind and water, which almost makes you wonder if the moon was ever exposed to such things. Be careful when hiking here since the rocks can get pretty jagged!

4. Badwater Basin
This massive national park doesn’t have the most inviting name but that didn’t stop the 1 million tourists who visited the park in 2014. Congress declared it a national park in 1994 and it takes up 5312 square miles of desert land in Nevada and California. It’s also the hottest place in the country where a temperature of 134 degrees fahrenheit was recorded in 1913. The lowest point in the US, called “Badwater Basin” can be found here that goes 282 fee t below sea level. Still despite the lack of water and extreme heat, there’s over 36 species of reptiles, 51 species of mammals and 1000 species of plants that make this national park home! You’ll also come across the sailing stones which seemingly move on their own but are actually due to ice that sometimes forms on the dry lake beds

3.Planted Stone Desert Bulgaria
Possibly one of the strangest deserts located in Europe, the Planted stone desert found in the country of bulgaria has very mysterious stones. This place is found located north west of the city of Varna and it consists of rare sand dunes in the area as well as stone pillars which are 5 to 7 meters high or about 16 to 22 feet tall. This is also the only desert in europe where lizards are known to live. Many are still baffled by how the stone formations came to be like that and think it might have been from coral a long time ago.

2.Quebrada de Humahuaca
Located in Jujuy province of Northwestern Argentina there is a unesco world heritage site that consists of a colorful mountain. You’ll notice striking red colors which appears to be petrified sandstone similar to geological formations to the valley of fire. A small village is located at the base of the hill that has a population of 11,000 people. Evidence has proven that people have settled in this region over 10,000 years ago and were some of the first hunter and gatherer tribes. Archaeologists discovered a large amount of artifacts.


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