Strange Things That Happened in Antarctica

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FRom coming across bacteria from another planet, to weird military operations, here strange things that happened in antarctica

12. Ross Expedition
Imagine heading out all the way to antarctica before even having the amenity of electric heating! One of the first and most well-known explorations of antarctica occured from 1839 to 1843 which was lead by James Clark Ross. Being from the UK, going to antarctica would have been like going to a whole nother planet at that time and they mainly checked out mount erebus and mount terror. Those mountains would eventually be named after the ships used during this expedition.The crew also explored an area that is now named after explorer with what’s now the ross sea and the ross ice shelf. During the voyage, they kept tract of the zoology by many illustrations. Here we see one of the adelie penguin which is a pretty common in the southernmost continent. Other illustrations would lead you to believe that there was actually some green plants that were growing here like we see with this illustration. In addition to describing the ecology, they also discovered enormous shelves of ice

11. Operation Highjump
The US navy was sent to antarctica and this required 13 ships, 33 aircraft, 4700 men and some huskies, a few who were named high jump and running jump, hints the name of the operation. During a press conference, the government stated that antarctica was a very large continent with a large amount of untapped resources. You have to wonder if this is the true reason, since there is already quite a bit of coal and oil that the US had access to, especially right after ww2. Antarctica would prove to be much more difficult to set a base up on than greenland for example. A group of ships arrived to the Bay of Whales in 1947 where little America 4 was constructed.

8. Little Americas
The US set up a series of bases known as little americas 1-5 between 1929 to 1958, located south of the bay of Whales. The first little america was built in 1929 and left abandoned the next year. Many letters were sent from this location but eventually it went abandoned. Finally radio broadcasting was introduced at little america two on an iceberg and it’s believed the radio towers are still out thereOther precious little americas were found under anywhere from 10 to 25 feet of snow. Only a month later did they start to head back the other way. Perpetual blizzards made it virtually impossible to fly and frigid conditions must have made some settlers lose their minds. The ships have trouble breaking through the ice and Paving airstrips lead to fatalities. Some even feel as though the Americans encountered flying saucer technology which drove them out of the area. Could this actually be the case?

7. Operation Deep Freeze
Operation deep freeze often refers to ongoing operations by the US military which began in 1955 which were often to resupply antarctica bases. People who were living in antarctica for supposed scientific research might enjoy eating something different than fried penguin from time to time and military operations would seem to support it. Some of the things that were studied here included weather systems, glacial movement and marine life to name a few. But it was already clear that the soviets were in antarctica and we’re sure some people got a little bit nosey and wondered what they were up to. Here we see the operation deep freeze patch which rather interesting if you take a close look at it. You got a plane, helicopter and a penguin and we really hope the penguin won’t be what gets sacrificed.

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