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Strange Things in Deserts!

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3.Hexagon Desert Crop Circles
WE all know that pine gap operational base in Australia is quite secretive and mysterious but what about this place here on the northwestern tip of the continent. It almost appears as though aliens are leaving some kind of message like they do in crop circles but this time it’s in the isolated desert of the outback. There isn’t anything living near this area and rumor has it that it’s a top secret super weapon that can knock out communications inside airplanes. The geometric patterns seem to be perfectly measured out in the shape of a hexagon. You also notice some antennas sticking out from the shadows. It’s known as Base Harold Holt and the US and Australia Navy claim it’s for making communication between our warships. Others think there’s more of a sinister purpose behind it, like some type of secret radio waves weapons program.

2.Negev Nuclear Research Station
Israel is also quite ambiguous with their stance on nuclear weapons but they could have a fairly good stockpile which certainly makes the Negev Nuclear Research station a little bit mysterious. Isolated in the Negev desert, it’s found about 13 kilometers south-east of the city of Dimona. Construction of the facility began in 1958 and its operating as a heavy-water nuclear reactor was put to use sometime between 1962 to 1964. No aircraft are allowed to fly over, it’s heavily fenced off. They even shot down one of their own planes in 1967 when it flew over it. But what could this facility truly be hiding. Many believe that production of nuclear weapons began in 1966. Some claim there’s even been human experimentation that’s gone on here, which involved people drinking uranium laced beverages. That’s not all. In 2004, a man named Mardechai Vanunu stated that John F Kennedy was assassinated by mossad because he wanted to closely investigate this research station in Negev.

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