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From a forest with crooked trees to mysterious abandoned buildings, here are strange an bizarre buildings around the world.

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9. Hoia-Baciu Forest Romania
This is commonly referred to as the most haunted forest in the world and the locals who live nearby will tell you to stay the heck out! It’s located near Transylvania in a secluded area, probably because the ghosts won’t let them live here. The legends here tell a tale about a shepherd who made the wrong decision cut through this forest with 200 sheep. Neither the sheep or the shepherd were ever seen again. The most notable feature of this forest is this large circle where absolutely no trees are able to grow. No one cut them down and no one knows how it got like this.

8. Cano Cristales
This amazing river located in Colombia is commonly referred to as the River of 5 Colors, so it’s colorful enough to be in this video! This river bed tends to change colors most commonly during July through November and is sporadically colored yellow, blue, green, pink, blue and even black! Some of the quartzite that formed here is over 1.2 billion years old. The strange aquatic plants and the variety of minerals help give this place a large variety of colors.

7. Houska Castle, Czech Republic
A castle in Czech Republic allegedly covers a pit that leads to directly to the gates of hell. King Ottokar from the 1200’s offered to excuse anyone from their crimes if they agreed to be lowered into the pit. The first one to offer, let out a panick stricken scream, begging for mercy. Apparently, when had been brought the to surface, he completely lost his mind. Disfigured ghosts and even a human frog hybrid were believed to have been seen here. One thing we should not about this place is, that it seems to be designed in a sense to keep things in, rather than to keep things out. It’s best just to stay away.

6. Gruner Sea
The lake seems green and it’s completely surrounded by dense forestation. What’s strange about the lake is that it only forms after the snow melts and when it evaporates, people notice there’s a bench and a park there. The water is extremely pure and people can only enjoy scuba diving here once each year. Would you be willing to take a swim here?

5. King Friedrich Wilhelm I Fort
Located in Russia, this abandoned fortress was the largest in the are for quite some time during the 17th century. It’s fo und in the exclave of russia known as Kaliningrad located on the border with poland. Eventually, it was left abandoned and the forest around it took over the area. People are allowed to visit it but check it out at your own risk and bring your visas!

4. Magnetic Hill India
Also known as cyclops hill this strange mountain is known for its magnetic properties and some believe that cars look like their defying gravity while going down hill. Some feel as though the magnetism here is so strong, that the force can actually move cars on its own. The strange phenomenon has been captured on tape in various experiments and airplanes that fly over it will fly at a higher altitude. It hard to say how much of it is legend and how much is real. Some blogs explain how different parts of the hill have more magnetism than other parts but it’s not the entire hill.

3. Morning Glory Pool, Wyoming
In case you thought it was only man made structures that are colorful, think again! The colors on this hot spring. The strange colors of this pool are caused by a large variety of bacteria that live here. After an earthquake, this pool has the potential to turn into a geyser. It’s believed that this was actually more colorful at some point but people began throwing trash into it and slightly altered its appearance.

2. Uluru or Ayers Rock
This iconic image from the middle of Australia is actually a very sacred location for the aboriginal people on this continent. It wasn’t discovered by European explorers until the 1800’s. So why is it sacred? The tribes people believe that it was made by dreams of ancestral beings. The strange cave formations seemed to support this theory, in their opinion. If you look at it closely, it really just seems to pop out of nowhere and looks like one single rock. Rising 346 meters high, you can see why this might be looked at as a sacred site.

1. Saksaywaman
These mysterious rocks in Peru were extremely large and place on top of each other with serious precision. These are believed to be ancient Killke ruins outside the city of Cusco and were apart of a fortificated or religious complex. Very little is known about this civilization that lived in Peru before the Incas Working with such massive stones, only theories can be made to try to explain it. The stones first had to be cut at a quarry and each stone would have needed hundreds of people to lift one if that’s even possible.

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