States Fight Calif. and Mass. over Meddlesome Livestock Law: New at Reason

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A battle over an attempt to dictate how farmers elsewhere treat their animals

Woravit Vijitpanya / DreamstimeEarlier this week, thirteen states, led by Indiana, sued Massachusetts in federal court, seeking to overturn a Bay State law that makes it illegal for a business operating in the state to sell veal, eggs in the shell, or pork which it “knows or should know” comes from an animal which was confined in a small cage or crate.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. Supreme Court, argues the Massachusetts law oversteps the state’s powers under the U.S. Constitution. It follows on the heels of a similar lawsuit filed last week by many of the same states—this one led by Missouri—against California, which has a law similar to that found in Massachusetts.

Both suits are asking the Supreme Court, typically a court of last resort, to

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